Course Schedule for Greek 11A, Fall 2012

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Date Homework due in class Quiz Topic
M 8/27    
W 8/29

1. Memorize alphabet (try flashcards at
2. See the other resources on SAKAI under LESSONS -- link to the pronunciation guide, etc.
2. Practice writing alphabet -- TURN IN PRACTICE SHEET
3. Practice pronunciation of alphabet and listen to 1A reading passage.

F 8/31

Memorize vocabulary 1A-C to be learned

Prepare 1A for translation: review vocab, listen to audio on Sakai, THEN read/translate into English. If you have trouble with a sentence:

  1. Review vocab
  2. Read aloud
  3. Underline verbs
  4. Identify (and circle) subjects (NOMINATIVE CASE)
  5. Try to translate
  6. Move on to the next sentence if you are really stuck

The GRAMMAR we began to learn in class Wednesday is on pp. 4-10 of the GRAMMAR book. Email me if you have any questions!

vocabulary 1A-C: I will provide 10 Greek words from 1A-C "to be learned"; you will write in the English word equivalent.
W 9/5

Prepare reading passages 1B-C (study vocab, listen to audio on Sakai in Lessons, underline verbs identify subjects, match nouns with their adjectives and articles, write out in English as much as possible on a separate page)

Do exercises on page 13. (Write out the whole phrase not just the adjective. This will help you with memorizing your adjectives for the quiz.)

Quiz: adjectives (I will give you a chart to fill in the paradigm for "kalos/kale/kalon". I will ask you for all cases (N/A/G/D) and numbers (singular/plural) of ONE gender (masc, fem, or neuter). The surprise is which gender.
F 9/7

Prepare 1 C-D reading passages.

  • Listen to audio first. (on Sakai)
  • Write out as much English as possible.
  • Where you get stuck, be sure to underline the verbs, identify the subjects.

Quiz: present active verb paradigm.

(I will give you a verb, you must conjugate it. Practice with verbs like lego, baino, blepo. Accents are extra credit. Use the handout from class and the grammar lesson 1C-D to help you study.)

M 9/10

Review the Grammar in the textbook 1C-D and probably E are good.

Prepare 1 E-G reading passages to act out in class. Listen to the audio on Sakai, practice reading aloud. Write out the translation of your part in English.

NO QUIZ -- start making flashcards for Wed quiz
W 9/12

Read Grammar sections 1E-G

Do exercises pp. 26 #1 if we didn't do it in class; p. 27 #4, p. 29 #6,  #33 A & B

Vocab D-G to be learnt plus 31 of grammar book
F 9/14 Exercises pp. 33-34:B,C, D Quiz on nouns and articles -- "type 2" masculine or neuter. I will give you the nom sing article+noun combination, and you will decline the article+noun in all cases, sing./plural. Accents extra credit.
M 9/17

Read Grammar 1A-G.

Write out translation of Reading Passage 1G in the Reading book.

Write out Exercise D on p. 34 of the grammar.

Turn in homework Beth Moreno in the WPC Annex

quiz yourself on vocab by making your own quiz with your flashcards -- pull 10 cards at random
W 9/19

Write out translation of Reading Passage 1H on p. 18 in Reading book. (You should know a lot of the vocab now. :) )

Review eimi and oida on p. 36 of the grammar book. Make flashcards, practice writing the forms. Note-- you saw some of these verbs in the 1H reading passage!!

Do exercise #1H-J 2. ("Translate into Greek:" on p. 38)

keep quizzing yourself on vocab
F 9/21


Meet in the Library Classroom 2 for a research instructional session with Robin Imhof.

quiz yourself on eimi and oida
M 9/24

THERE WAS A TECH FAILURE WITH THE WEBSITE. Here is a checklist for the homework I think you should have done last week:

  • Reading passages 1H-I
  • exercises 2 & 4 on eimi and oida p. 38
  • The English-Greek translation sentences on p. 34
no quiz
W 9/26

Complete exercise B on p. 41

study vocab, review paradigms, keep studying eimi and oida, read grammar 1H-J again

quiz on vocab (probably on pp. 18, 28, 31 -- you know most of these already!)
F 9/28

Finish preparing Reading Passage 1I

Prepare reading passage IJ

We will go over the exercises on p. 39 you did for last week

Quiz on vocab: vocabulary on p. 40 PLUS one or two forms from eimi and oida (so, if you see ei on the list, you would write "you are", or for oida "I know")
M 10/1

Reread Grammar book Lesson 1 as needed

Prepare Review Exercises C & D on p. 41.

Quiz on eimi and oida forms. I will give you 5 sentences in Greek. You will have to underline the verb and translate the verb properly. The verbs will be eimi and oida
W 10/4

Read pp. 43-45 in the Grammar Book

Prepare Reading Passage 2A for class.

Practice conjugating verbs and memorize paradigms for present active indicative and imperative verbs -- including contract verbs

No quiz
F 10/6 FALL BREAK -- no class  
M 10/8

Practice sheet for exam

keep memorizing vocab

Write out the rest of Reading passage 2A in as perfect English as you can make it.

no quiz
W 10/10 Exam #1 on Chapter 1  
F 10/12 bring books to class -- no assignment  
M 10/15 Read Grammar book pp. 43-46
Exercise #2 (English to Greek) on p. 46
Prepare Reading passage 2B -- watch for sandwich constructions, middle verbs, etc.
Quiz on middle verb forms: you will have to conjugate a verb like erxomai
W 10/17

Read grammar lesson 2A-D

Prepare Reading passage 2C: write out as much as you can in English

F 10/19 Prepare passage 2D. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. Write out as much as you can in English. For sentences that challenge you, at least identify the verb and the subject. Vocab quiz p. 51 vocab
M 10/22


For Monday: Re-read grammar section 2 if you need to. Do review exercises B-D for section 2 (pages 52-53 in grammar book)

No quiz
W 10/24 Read grammar on type 3 nouns (pp. 54-55 in grammar book)
Prepare Reading passage 3A
Quiz: vocab to be learnt on p. 54 in Grammar Book (the nouns in the box) and "to be learnt" vocab from Reading Passage 3A

F 10/26

Read the rest of 3A-B grammar
Reading passage 3B
review ex p. 59 in grammar book B1 (change nominative to accus)
no quiz
M 10/29 Read Pages 60-62 in the Grammar book
prepare Reading passage 3C
quiz on houtos, haute, touto: I'll give you one of those three ("this" m/f/n) and you write the paradigm
W 10/31

Read Grammar book 3C-3E

We will act out 3D-E in class -- know your parts! :)

No quiz
F 11/2 Read Grammar book 3C-3E
Review exercises B, C, D for section 3C-E

M 11/5 Exam review: Reread grammar book sections 2-3 and review what you don't know so well.
Do Test Exercise for Section 2 (in the Review Exercises for Section 2) as a real Test: write out the translation without looking things up. Then look and see what you don't know. Go back and study those things. Then redo the test passage.
Also there are the exercises I put on the handout.
W 11/7 Exam on sections 2-3  
F 11/9 Bring books & $5 for Julius Caesar, no assignment  
11/12 Read 4A-B in Gramar book; 4A reading passage no quiz
11/14 4B reading passage quiz on "being" participle (you write out a m, f, or n paradigm)
11/16 Read 4C-D in grammar book
Do 4C reading passage
Come to class and go over 4C together: turn in ONE copy of the group work, signed by everyone there, in to the Humanities Hub in WPC Annex (where the secretaries are in the Annex); tell them it's for me.
quiz on Sakai on 4A-B vocab -- take it before TG break begins.
11/19 1. 4A-B Review exercises on p. 80-81: do B/C Word Shape and Syntax; D English into Greek (translate the Greek into English AND the English into Greek)
2. on p. 85 do Exercise 1 numbers 1,2,4; 2 numbers 5,6,7

Take photo(s) of your work and email them to me at cschroeder [at] pacific [dot] edu
11/21-23 No class: Thanksgiving  
11/26 Reread 4C-D grammar
Try to do 4D reading passage: write out as much as you can; if you get stuck, write out the verbs and their: tense/voice/mood/person/number+subject for verb-verbs and tense/voice/gender/number/case + word they're modifying for participles

1. Re-read 4A-B and 4C-D in grammar book
2. 4A-B English/Greek sentences on pp. 80-81 in grammar book (if you didn't already do them)
3. 4 C-D review exercises B/C Word Shape and Syntax (you translate into English and make a PARTICPLE for the second half of each exercise from the VERB in the first half; but the participle needs to match in gender, number, case for the word or part of sentence it goes with/in in the second half. TRANSLATE FIRST -- it will make more sense if you translate first.)
4. Finish Reading Passage 4D if you haven't already
5. We will do a couple of the English into Greek sentences (D) on p. 90 in class if we have time.

Presentations in class by Lauren (Athena) and Joe (Zeus)

Quiz on 4C-D vocab on p. 89 in grammar book

Read 5A-B in grammar
5A reading passage

Presentations by Diana (Battle of Salamis) and LeRoi (Pericles)

no quiz

Finish 5A reading passage

Presentation by Colin (Battle of Marathon)

imperfect tense quiz

5B reading passage
Exercises #5 & 7 on p. 99 (translate into Greek active/middle imperfects)

Presentation by Samantha (marriage)

5A-B vocab quiz (p. 100)
12/7 Review exercises on p. 101 (tentative)  
12/11 Review session 12-2 WPC 202  
12/12 8 am Exam #3  


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