Course Evaluations
Religious Studies 112, Introduction to the New Testament
Fall 2001,
Caroline T. Schroeder, Elon University

Indicate the extent to which you disagree or agree with each of the following statements using the following scale:
5=strongly agree    4=agree    3=undecided   2=disagree   1=strongly disagree

Course Content, Organization, and Goals

1.  The instructor has clear student learning objectives. 4.35
2.  The instructor's class is well prepared and well organized.


3.  The instructor communicates course material clearly.
4.  The instructor displays interest in the subject. 4.55
5.  The instructor summarizes or emphasizes important points in class. 4.17

Faculty/Student Information

6.  The instructor stimulates my thinking about the subject. 3.83
7.  The instructor provides opportunities for student contact out of class. 4.14
8.  The instructor expresses concern about student progress in the course. 4.13

Assignments, Exams, Grading

9.  The instructor provides useful feedback on exams assignments. 4.01
10.  The instructor clearly indicates how my work will be evaluated. 4.05

Comment on aspects of the instructor's teaching and style that helped the learning process.  (All comments included below.)
* Very personable and obviously knowledgeable.
* Allowing the students to turn in a rough draft was very helpful.  I also thought the debast helpded keep the students interested in class.
* I thought she was awesome with helping me try to understand this course.  I found her to be very intelligent and caring at the same time.  Working with people helped me too.
* You are very enthusiastic and I love that.  I was relieved to ssee that you gave us study guides.  They helped a lot, and having the ability to get feedback on a paper before turning it in.  This helped me learn a lot more.
* I truly enjoyed this class.  However, I felt it would be more helpful if we didn't review the reading so much in class.
* In the beginning, I really wasn't that interested in the class, but now at the end I have really learned to like this class and I am glad I took the class.  She was very well organized and talked about the topics very well.  She knew the subject really well and in return I feel I learned a lot this semester.
* She is very helpful in answering questions and very willing to help outside of class.
  - debates were helpful
  - info on rough drafts of papers
* She was available for and eager to help.  She put a lot of information on the web.
* She was always prepared for class.  She went over things we didn't understand.  We did in-class activities and watched helpful movies.
* Goes through a lot of review, study guides online really helped dramatically.  Very good feedback on rough drafts and papers.
* She teaches extremely well, and involves the class.  She only lectures when she has to, then shegets the class involved.
* Debates were helpful.
* I appreciate the option to turn papers in a day before they are due and the comments about the papers.  The study guides for exams are great, too.
* I felt the debates were very helpful along with the worksheets.
* I like the class discussions, debates, small group discussions.
* The debates in class helped.
* She's a good teacher, very well organized.

Comment on aspects of the instructor's teaching style that could be improved upon to help the learning process. 
(All comments included below.)
* Class time could have been more interesting, but I understand we have to take notes and that's not always fun.
* Although Carrie allows you to come to her outside of class, in class questions are based on your opinion.  * The way she teaches the information is hard to understand.  This class should be titled "Historical background of the New Testament" because right now the title gives a false understanding of the type of course this really is.
* I think you just need to warm up to her styles of teaching then it's fine.
* A lot of information to cover in a short period of time.
* Some classes were hard to follow.  She sometimes seemd "unorganized" which got class confused.  More extra credit could help.
* Paper topics were confusing on what she really wanted.  Lectures would kind of get boring.  The course was more difficult than expected.
* Make the lectures a little more interesting.  More interaction/hands on stuff.
* Not as much lecturing, more small groups.  As much as I didn't like them, the small groups were always helpful.
* Sitting in lecture for 2 hours is rough; find an alternate method for teaching every once in a while to break up momentum.
* She could be more specific with her demands on tests and papers.
* Reading so much every night made it difficult to thoroughly read the texts.
* Somehow, if possible, a more general outline of the course and what it's going to be about in the very beginning would be great.  It took a while to figure out what was going on.
* Don't just lecture as much.
* It's all good.

Course Statistics:

Enrollment: 23 students
Average Grade:  B