World Religions

Elon University, Fall 2001

The Course at a Glance
 1.  Introduction to the Study of Religion in a Global Context, Weeks 1-2
  • What is Religion?
  • Studying the religions of other cultures
  • Monotheism and polytheism
  • 2.  India:  A Focus on Hinduism, Weeks 2-6
  • The religious landscape of India
  • Texts,  rituals and deities of Hinduism
  • Holy men and holy women in India
  • Colonialism and Indian religion
  • 3.  China:  A Focus on Buddhism, Weeks 6-10
  • The religious landscape of China
  • Buddha and the four Noble Truths
  • Popular religion:  ancestor worship
  • Tibet and religious freedom
  • 4.  Egypt:  A Focus on Islam, Weeks 10-14
  • The religious landscape of Egypt
  • Muhammed and the Quran
  • Islamic unity and diversity
  • Women and Islamic law
  • Nationalism and the Islamic state
  • Welcome to World Religions!

    REL 121E
    T/Th 5:30-7:10, 302 Alamance 
    Caroline T. Schroeder, Instructor
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    Full syllabus, course description, and schedule of assignments are available  here.
    Important Due Dates!
    Unit Exams:  10/2, 10/27, 12/4
    Semester Project:  Part 1 due 9/25
    Part 2 due 10/25
    Final Project due 12/11/01

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