Knowledge of how to read hieroglyphs had vanished by the 4th century AD and so until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt, people could only guess how Ancient Egyptians lived. Cracking Codes celebrates the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Stone, the key that unlocked hieroglyphs and revealed the language and cultural 'code' of Ancient Egypt. A fascinating array of exhibits helps you to understand the nature of hieroglyphs and follow the evolution of Egyptian writing across 4000 years. Finally you can review the decipherment of other scripts and languages, and assess the challenges of cracking the codes of other still mysterious cultures.

The Rosetta Stone 

 Reading Hieroglyphs

 Reading the Cultural Code

 The Limits of Writing

 Writing and Art

The Powers of Writing 

 The Practice of Writing

 Cracking Other Codes