Course Evaluations
344-276 Marriage and Sexuality in the New Testament,  Spring 2003
Prof. Caroline T. Schroeder

Considering all relevant factors, on the following scale how would you rate the following items?
5=excellent     4=good    3=adequate    2=fair    1=poor

1.  The course 4.25
2.  The instructor 4.42
3.  Intellectual stimulation 4.25
4.  Materials
5. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the demand level of the course? (5=very high;1=very low) 4.58
Select Comments:
Definitely asks a lot.  But it’s nice to see a strong professor with goals for her students.
A lot of reading, but the posts [on the online discussion board] and discussions seemed a little much.
Ignore the complaints of the “huge” amount of work you give…I’ve had more.
Carrie Schroeder is brilliant and challenging.
Must be prepared all the time, demanding course, high expectations.

Indicate the extent to which you disagree or agree with each of the following statements using the following scale:
5=strongly agree    4=agree    3=undecided   2=disagree   1=strongly disagree

Course Content, Organization, and Goals

6.  The instructor has clear student learning objectives. 4.67
7.  The instructor's class is well prepared and well organized.
8.  The course subject matter is interesting & worthwhile. 4.33
9.  Adequate class time is allowed for discussion and questions. 4.5
Select Comments:
Carrie was incredibly knowledgeable about all course material and effectively engaged the class in discussion.
Interesting stuff.  Sometimes wish class rolled along a little but part of that had to do with students.
Sometimes I think there is too much material to cover in short time.
Instructor has very clear objectives-followed syllabus very closely for whole semester.


10.  The instructor communicates course material clearly.
11.  The instructor displays interest in the subject. 4.92
12.  The instructor displays knowledge of the subject. 4.92
13.  The instructor summarizes or emphasizes important points in class. 4.5
Select Comments:
Incredibly knowledgeable on the subject.
It was difficult with everyone’s additional comments to keep a straight head.
Just relax a litlle…you’re clearly an intellectual sort…just realize it and calm down a bit.
She is brilliant, so very brilliant.
She displays a lot of interest in the subject.

Faculty/Student Information

14.  The instructor stimulates my thinking about the subject. 4.5
15.  The instructor provides opportunities for student contact out of class. 4.67
16.  The instructor expresses concern about student progress in the course. 4.5
Select Comments:
Very accessible outside of class – very helpful on papers/projects.
She wants to make sure students are doing well in subject and understand.
She’s so knowledgeable and smart, but intimidating at times.

Assignments, Exams, Grading

17.  The instructor provides useful feedback on exams assignments. 4.17
18.  The instructor clearly indicates how my work will be evaluated. 4.25
Select Comments:
Challenging work!
I very much liked the clear, simple paper guidelines.
I just couldn’t understand what she was actually looking for and that affected my grade.
Too much reading was my only complaint.

Course Statistics:
Enrollment: 12 students
Average Grade:  B/B+