Course Evaluations
311-286 Paganism in the Roman Empire,  Spring 2003
Prof. Caroline T. Schroeder, History

Considering all relevant factors, on the following scale how would you rate the following items?
5=excellent     4=good    3=adequate    2=fair    1=poor

1.  The course 3.67
2.  The instructor 4.0
3.  Intellectual stimulation 4.0
4.  Materials
5. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the demand level of the course? (5=very high;1=very low) 4.5
Select Comments:
I really liked this class.  I’m glad I took it.
I did enjoy the class, but I wasn’t a fan of a lot of readings.  But I definitely learned something.
The course topic is interesting, something you would not usually learn about.
Too many books/readings.  Tough to keep up with workload.
Good demand.  Not too high.

Indicate the extent to which you disagree or agree with each of the following statements using the following scale:
5=strongly agree    4=agree    3=undecided   2=disagree   1=strongly disagree

Course Content, Organization, and Goals

6.  The instructor has clear student learning objectives. 3.92
7.  The instructor's class is well prepared and well organized.
8.  The course subject matter is interesting & worthwhile. 3.92
9.  Adequate class time is allowed for discussion and questions. 4.5
Select Comments:
I really enjoyed the discussions we had.  I found them immensely helpful and being so involved helped me really get into the course.
I liked the fact we were able to have discussion rather than straight lecture.
Instructor could have been more organized in presentation – more helpful at answering questions.
Good but tough!  I greatly admire Carrie’s attempts to bring technology into the classroom and into the course content.


10.  The instructor communicates course material clearly.
11.  The instructor displays interest in the subject. 4.75
12.  The instructor displays knowledge of the subject. 4.25
13.  The instructor summarizes or emphasizes important points in class. 4.25
Select Comments:
The instructor was very knowledgeable.
Sometimes there is too much pressure put on remembering terms instead of ideas.  Specific words are not necessarily that important.
Very enthusiastic.

Faculty/Student Information

14.  The instructor stimulates my thinking about the subject. 3.83
15.  The instructor provides opportunities for student contact out of class. 4.08
16.  The instructor expresses concern about student progress in the course. 4.00
All Comments:
The instructor was willing to help.
Instructor is very interested in topics which helps students to be interested.
She cares but she doesn’t wipe our asses.

Assignments, Exams, Grading

17.  The instructor provides useful feedback on exams assignments. 4.25
18.  The instructor clearly indicates how my work will be evaluated. 3.71
Select Comments:
Overall, I enjoyed the class very much.
Participation should not be worth so much of the grade.
She knows how to handle the course and its material.  That’s what matters.  I actually learned something – that’s how I see the class as positive!
Assignments were sometimes too demanding.

Course Statistics:
Enrollment:  12 students
Average Grade:  B