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Coptic SCRIPTORIUM (Sahidic Corpus Research: Internet Platform for Interdisciplinary multilayer Methods) is a collaborative, digital project created by Caroline T. Schroeder (University of the Pacific) and Amir Zeldes (Georgetown University). The team is constantly growing.

Coptic SCRIPTORIUM provides a platform for interdisciplinary and computational research in texts in the Coptic language, particularly the Sahidic dialect.  As an open-source, open-access initiative, the SCRIPTORIUM technologies and corpus function as a collaborative environment for digital research by any scholars working in Coptic. It provides:

We hope SCRIPTORIUM will serve as a model for future digital humanities projects utilizing historical corpora or corpora in languages outside of the Indo-European and Semitic language families.

NEW: Announcing a Digital Coptic workshop and symposium at Georgetown University, March 12-13, 2015. Details and CFP here.

New corpus added December, 2014: Shenoute's Not Because a Fox Barks (MONB.XH witness)

November 2014: We created a new video introducing the projec texts and data model, and how to use ANNIS.

We hosted a workshop on digital research and scholarship in Coptic at Humboldt University on May 14, 2013. The program and presentations are available.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the project, methodologies, and terminology.

GitHub_mark You can also fork us on GitHub.

The image on this page is a detail of MS M.0581, fol. 010r at the Pierpont Morgan Library, available at http://corsair.morganlibrary.org/icaimages/5/m581.010ra.jpg, for non-commercial use only.

The project is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities and Division of Preservation and Access, the University of the Pacific, and Georgetown University.

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